Welcome to Bitcoinmeetups.org


Berlin - Gesundbrunnen Center - Saturdays 6 PM - We will describe what makes us interested in the Dogeparty platform in 100 words.

Hanoi - Parkson Mall - Fridays 5 PM - We will try to talk with a wild monkey. No monkey business of course.

New York - Times Square - Saturdays 7 PM - We will publish the first Ethereum Android app (only using Java and available Android technologies) as an APK

Nairobi - Westgate Shopping Mall - Mondays 3 PM - We will help out to create a community for porting Ethereum to Dogeparty just like Counterparty did by creating a new thread in a Google Group

Singapore - Marina Square - Thursdays 6 PM - We will create a wall sized proof of concept mockup of e-ink screen wallpaper

Tianjin - Quanyechang Shopping Mall (Heping road) - Thursdays 4 PM - We will research the exact location of the origin of the hypothetical Big Bang and explain if such a thing is possible and publish the result as a 500 word post

Tokyo - Lumine Yurakucho - Tuesdays 4 PM - We will write a smart contract for Counterparty-Ethereum and publish it as an open source repository


We will build a wood hut in the Amazonian rainforest

We will build a funny dance video and publish online

We will create a forum thread in a Google Group for helping people to break out of the Windows OS prison

We will create a thread for people who are interested in cell biology and post three new nice pictures of cells

We will add our Bitcoin and Counterparty addresses to a list in the forum

We will create a thread which aims to develop HTML5 by adding musical note playing functionality

We will create an open air weekly Bitcoin Meetup Group with location set to Ueno Park, Tokyo.

We will make a video riding an elephant while wearing a funny hat.

We will write a song and publish it as an audio file online.

We will create a simple website (no hosting or customization required

We will buy some property in the rainforest

We will explain how we can agree about the characteristics of the universe

We will draw an image of a plankton

We will explain what an interval in an interval is